About Us

Seragen's solutions help IVF Specialists, Ob-Gyns and Reproductive Wellness experts succeed.


Leading medical practioners rely on Seragen to treat their patients overcome infertility conditions. We are fertility only biotech venture using Regenerative treatments.

Regenerative Medicine is advancing rapidly than ever before and many regenerative products are in clinical trials and which would be beneficial to the general population in years ahead.

Seragen’s fertility based research for regenerative medicine is engaged in the discovery and development of novel therapies designed to treat unmet infertility conditions.

We are singularly focused on the regenerative medicine area, with multiple clinical and pre-clinical stage programs to be initiated shortly. The most advanced programs at the company are focused on the development of growth factor cocktail therapy that has demonstrated potential for treating couple of factors like defective endometrium and IVF Failure.

Our network and collaborations with leading academic and research institutions and is constantly innovating to produce effective formulations.

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