Seragen For Endometriosis

Regenerating a thicker, healthier layer


Endometriosis is a condition in which the layer of tissue that normally covers the inside of the uterus grows outside it. It is a painful disorder and symptoms are pelvic pain and infertility.

Why Regen
Treatments for

Exact cause of endometriosis is not certain but possible explanations are Retrograde menstruation, Transformation of peritoneal cells, Embryonic cell transformation, Surgical scar implantation, Immune system disorder etc., Treatment for endometriosis surgery, medication and hormonal therapy it’s not only costly but it is also physically and psychologically debilitating.

Regen Treatments is a promising treatment and it is extremely safe since it’s drawn from the patient's own blood and it targets the tissue and migrate those tissues out of the body with no pain.

How Seragen
Regen Treatment
works for

Regen Treatments is prepared from fresh peripheral blood which is aspirated from a peripheral vein, stored in anticoagulant and processed to increase platelets by separating various components in blood. Through activating platelets present in Regen Treatments, cytokines and growth factors (GFs) become bioactive and are secreted. These GFs can regulate cell migration, attachment, proliferation and differentiation. Regen Treatments is transferred to the target tissue usually it is injected into the Endometrium where it causes the slow endometrial tissue growth and stimulates those cells to migrate out of the body through bleeding. Regenerates damaged tissues and repair them with no suffering.

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