Blood Platelet Treatments

Effective Regenerative Procedures For Infertility Conditions

Why Our Innovation Works?

Advanced Platelet Procedures that are more pure and concentrated backed by constant innovation that produce the best possible outcomes for patients.

Research Backed Process

Research based process increases platelets by 10 to 40x facilitating solution customization.

Zero Leukocytes

Zero Leukocytes or buffy coat derivations unlike typical PRP protocols, ensuring higher potency formulations.

Safe For Allogenic

Because of the isolation of all leukocytes, our formulation is safe even for allogenic purposes.

Absence of Cytokines

No cytokines are present in the formulation. 9X effective when compared with standard PRP led treatments.

Ready To Use

Zero downtime that allows you to jumpstart your treatments, followed by stellar patient care.


cGMP compliant and absolute conformance to quality norms prescribed by International Medical Council.

How Does it Work

Our Process is a breeze. It's as simple as A-B-C-D

Blood collection done at
the clinic and transported
for unique separation
process at Seragen's Lab.

Platelet Extraction &
Activation, and Addition
of Supernatant Plasma.

Platelets segregated & stimulated by a
proprietary chemical free activation process to
release Growth Factors. Additionally, Plasma
proteins are segregated and enriched.

Derivation of personalized platelet
formulation for the patient and
delivered back to the clinic for infusion.