Stem Cell Procedure

High Potency Regenerative Procedures For Infertility Conditions

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Why Our
Innovation Works?

Advanced Stem Cell Procedures that are more potent and concentrated rich in mesenchymal stem cells that produce the best possible outcomes for patients.

Research Backed Process

Advanced bone marrow aspiration and harvesting process for 50X potency

Same Day Protocol

Stem cells are harvested and reinjected on the same day creating zero downtime

Safe For Allogenic

Proven usage of allogenic epithelial, and mesenchymal cells for advanced treatment of male infertility conditions

Next Gen Platelet Lysate

Our Platelet Lysate, super concentrated platelets concoction accelerates repair, recuperation and rejuvenation

Ready To Use

Zero downtime that allows you to jumpstart your treatments, followed by stellar patient care


cGMP compliant and absolute conformance to quality norms prescribed by International Medical Council

How Does It Work?

Our Process is a breeze. It’s as simple as A-B-C-D!

Blood aspiration as per the
protocol is done by the
haematologist at the clinic
and transported for unique
separation process at
Seragen’s Lab

Platelet Extraction & Activation,
and Addition of Supernatant Plasma

Platelets segregated & stimulated by a proprietary
chemical free activation process to release Growth Factors.
Additionally, Plasma proteins are segregated and enriched

Harvesting of personalized formulation
for the patient and delivered back to the
clinic for injection.